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Bob is a statistics service for the game Astro Empires, originally it was a remake of the Eddie Statistics Service, which unfortunately had to stop services.

Bob was changed hands in November 2019 in the interest of keeping it going and improving it.

Database Stats

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Server First Monitored  
Alpha20th May 2009Search
Andromeda26th August 2015Search
Ares21st July 2019Search
Beta26th September 2007Search
Bravo26th August 2015Search
Centauri26th August 2015Search
Ceti20th May 2009Search
Delta20th May 2009Search
Drako26th August 2015Search
Elysium27th September 2015Search
Epsilon11th December 2008Search
Fenix20th May 2009Search
Frontier13th December 2015Search
Gaia19th October 2019Search
Gamma31st May 2009Search
Helion06th December 2009Search
Hydra25th September 2016Search
Iridium19th December 2016Search
Ixion22nd May 2010Search
Jade02nd July 2017Search
Juno21st November 2010Search
Kappa03rd July 2011Search
Kepler02nd October 2017Search
Lynx15th March 2018Search
Lyra18th December 2011Search
Mira11th June 2012Search
Mystic16th November 2018Search
Nexus29th September 2019Search
Nova02nd December 2012Search
Omega26th May 2013Search
Pegasus28th November 2013Search
Quantum26th August 2015Search
Rigel20th March 2016Search
Sigma28th March 2017Search
Typhon01st July 2018Search
Utopia03rd April 2019Search
Antares21st March 2020Search

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